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UK and European logistics specialists with Location hubs throughout the UK and Europe,  Midlands, Heathrow, Paris and Ireland.

In the beginning


The story began with humble roots in the form of JJX Small Haul back in 1997. John Joseph Donovan the founder, was a man with a van and a plan. Deliver upon any of his promises and the attention to customer service was key. Building a reputation for service, honesty and loyalty.

Though, in the beginning, the challenges were endless. For one day in September of 1997, John went to the bank to talk about the business plan. After the bank gave John the relevant paper work, he went away, and filled in it. Excitedly returning to the bank, John handed it over and rather than help John, The bank laughed John out of the bank. Not only this, but John’s brother saw this. Calling his Business plan pathetic, and a fairy-tale story. Although John recognised that he had some learning difficulties growing up. John was determined to not to let this come between him and his dream. With the devastation that the bank piled to ones own morale, John was undeterred. He enlisted help to fill out another business plan.  The person who helped him was a school teacher from John’s youth. Together they got to work. The business plan was truthful and to the point. Sadly however, the bank ultimately never gave John the chance to start his business. On the other hand, John, realised that although the bank declined him, this way he will gain valuable experience. First and foremost, John got a van. For the next 10 years John, went about the UK and Europe delivering on the promise that customer was king. A valuable lesson, in that when dealing with the bank. He was not seen as right. All the more, giving John the vision and determination to succeed.

Growing up


Success, as the saying goes, breeds success. With reputation spreading, it soon became obvious that growth required more substantial roots. In turn this would provide a stable platform to expand. This came in the acquisition of Express Light Haulage in 2007. A family concern that was sold to John from his brother Michael who due to ill health passed the baton. So, beginning with the mission. Providing same day critical movements throughout the UK and Europe. Equally important, 2 years later in 2009, the company changed its trading name to JJX Logistics.

Family has been an important part of the growth. The first real base being set up in the garage of the family home. His wife Denise and his daughters all playing a major role in the development of the business. In contrast with the help of family & dedicated staff we now operate from a large main hub in the Midlands. We have satellite depots in Heathrow, Paris and Ireland.

We moved into our new operating centre which is on the Pensnett Trading Estate Kingswinford in January 2016.  Here we can accommodate 7000 pallets.


Specialisation with variation


JJX Logistics is the “one stop shop” for all of your Logistics requirements.

Whether it be our Same Day Courier Service offering 24/7 Time Critical Services to UK and Europe or our Groupage/FTL General Haulage and Hazardous service we have the solution. Furthermore we do special events and projects that are tailored to your needs.

We can carry everything from 1kg to 28,000 kgs across UK and Europe.

All our drivers are ADR qualified, and furthermore JJX Logistics are part of the Hazchem Network ADR infrastructure.

Our main clients include Aerospace, Defence, Rail, Automotive, Chemical and Pharmaceutical companies.

Where speed and security are paramount JJX Logistics are the people who can deal with your crucial delivery. We provide personal attention to vital consignments from the moment of collection to final delivery. JJX Logistics thrive on keeping your supply chain running 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, whatever the obstacle.

If an issue is identified, we work to resolve the problem before it becomes a crisis, whilst keeping you in the know. Our 24/7 offices are staffed with an experienced team that will constantly keep you updated until the job is completed. In addition our online system will provide an instant POD as soon as the goods are delivered.

Our modern fleet of vehicles consist of small, medium and large vans, temperature control vans to articulated and rigid HGV trucks. To compliment this, we operate a large trailer fleet with temperature control and tautliner trailers. Specifically these trailers provide sliding roof capabilities for any special jobs that need crane or lifting through the roof. All our vehicles meet GDP Specification and are tracked 24/7 for both GPS location and internal temperature.

multinational company – We are here to serve you.




We are keen to take part in our multiple affiliation groups and are proud members of the Midlands Aerospace Alliance (MAA), Road haulage Association (RHA), The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) The Black Country Chamber of Commerce (BCCC). We are working with the Alzheimer’s Society, We have been placing their logos onto our trailers to help raise awareness for such an important cause as well as Charity events.

Here at JJX, we also take quality and energy efficiency seriously. Our staff members have worked hard to obtain ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 for multiple years. This has been a very big achievement for all involved and keeps all procedures, policies and data protection in check.

Finally, we are still very much a family run business and we operate today with the same ethos as when we started: The customer is king, be they an occasional caller or a multinational company – We are here to serve you.

JJX Logistics’ future for the UK and Europe


The future for JJX Logistics is bright. As ever we are growing and evolving. Not just in size but reaching further on a geographical scale too. Our website is now translatable, into at least the European scope of languages (French, Spanish, German, Italian). Pretty soon we’ll be moving to a purpose built 120,000 sq ft property, which cements our intentions of serving the UK and Europe, which of course is a exciting prospect. John is extremely proud of where the company is now 21 years on and look forward to expanding our 24/7 operation further for the next 20 years.

jjx 2007

(Above) John and his ever reliable on a brisk morning of October 2007. This vehicle was similar to what John spent his first 10 years in the company with. A sleeper that accommodated him, whilst travelling around the UK and Europe. Having a reliable van was of utmost importance due to the distance that was travelled. Having a headache for having a breakdown meant loss in profit, loss in company earnings and as the old saying goes ”time is money” but as John says  ”Customer is King” and having breakdowns will mean the king will not be happy and will take business elsewhere. Having spent 10 years on the road with very little in terms of having time for himself, John certainly was committed to the company. Looking ahead 10 years later at the 20th Anniversary, and we can see that customer is still king. Uk and European haulage specialist JJX Logistics have come a long way, from it’s humble beginnings.