Bespoke Logistcs Solutions

Versatile Operations

After 26 years in business, there is very little we haven't found a solution to meet. Operating our own large modern fleet of vans and HGV's, we are an ideal partner to fulfil your bespoke requirements whether it be a one off or regular scheduling. Furthermore, our experienced drivers are more than accustomed to adhering to strict security protocols and very specific delivery timelines, working on some of the UK's largest logistics and sporting events in recent years including the Formula 1 British Grand Prix at Silverstone, the Royal International Air Tattoo and the 2022 UEFA Women's Euros.


Our incredibly diverse and versatile fleet also  ensures we can provide the perfect vehicle setup for the job whether you need a ULEZ compliant long wheel base van or TAPA TSR-1 certified refrigerated artic trailer. This allows us to have the flexibility to cater to your specific needs, industry and locations while also working towards our Corporate Sustainability pledge. Our fleet includes:

Vans – Ideal for smaller loads and short-distance deliveries within cities and towns.

Rigids – Perfect for medium-sized loads as well as deliveries requiring a truck mounted Moffett forklift for easy unloading.

Artics – Suitable for very large shipments and long-distance haulage requirements for bespoke machinery.

Fridge Vans & Trailers – Equipped to maintain a controlled temperature between +25oC and -25oC with constant minute-by-minute monitoring.

Bespoke Time Critical Logistics

Just In Time Logistics

Just-in-time (JIT) delivery logistics is a supply chain management approach where materials, components or products are delivered precisely when they are needed for the production process, minimising the inventory holding costs for the company. It relies very heavily on efficient planning, real-time demand signals and strong supplier relationships to ensure timely deliveries and enhance operational efficiency.


Live fleet tracking, demand forecasting, efficient routing and state-of-the-art inventory management are just a few of the ways we optimise our approach to ensure the best JIT solution for your production operations, further developing the most efficient delivery schedules using historical data, market trends, customer orders and other relevant information.

Aircraft On Ground

In Aircraft On Ground (AOG) situations, time is of the essence. That's why at JJX Logistics, we recognize the criticality of delivering parts promptly and efficiently. A grounded aircraft not only causes a huge inconvenience to passengers and freight carriers, it can also be a big financial burden on airlines. Our ultra-flexible, round the clock AOG service utilises a combination of time-critical solutions to keep downtime to a minimum.


Our team is highly trained and experienced in handling time-sensitive shipments with precision and care. With our same-day time-critical logistics services, we guarantee rapid collection from anywhere in the UK within an hour, ensuring that your critical parts are on their way without delay.

Real-Time Delivery Tracking

Knowing the exact location and condition of your goods is of paramount importance for production line managers and operations direcotors in they are to keep to their tight production timelines. This is something we help alleviate any stress around with our entire fleet fitted with Samsara's fleet management vehicle gateway devices.


Not only does this allow us to monitor the location of our vehicles in real-time, we are also able to track and produce reports on the temperature and environment in the load compartments throughout the entirety of the vehicles journey. Our caring customer service are on hand 24/7 to keep you informed on the whereabouts and ETA for your deliveries.

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Special Events

Tailored Supply Chain Operations

Take away the hassle of organising your supply chain operations for challenging special events by partnering with JJX Logistics. Our experienced team can find the perfect solution for you at short notice covering everything from long term secure warehouse storage to international transport with ATA carnets. It's isn't just large event gatherings like Music concerts and Sports events either. We are regularly receiving requests to support the transport and unloading of exhibition equipment for conferences in all kinds of industries of industries, as well as sorting customs clearance and return delivery as well.

Sporting Events Solutions

With an office full of sports enthusiasts, we have just about everything covered from football to rugby, ice hockey to snooker and badminton to truck racing. It gives us great excitement to regularly be involved in the logistics and transport for some of the UK's biggest sports events each year.


With any large one-off sporting events, experienced logisticians are key to ensure the entire supply chain runs smoothly with several additional factors needing consideration such as road closures for which we use industry leading route planning software, tightened security which is why our drivers carry both verifiable company and personal ID badges and incredibly precise delivery schedules which is why our transport planners work closely with the event organisers creating a top notch efficient operation from start to finish.

Bespoke Solutions - Sporting Events

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