Hazardous Goods Load

Frequently Asked Questions

Here at JJX Logistics we still get asked questions. Some of the answers can be found on the website and others cannot. For specific enquires, it is recommended to Contact Us.

Warehousing & Storage Solutions

What Warehousing & Storage Solutions Do You Offer?

All of our warehousing and storage solutions are ultimately flexible around your requirements and can include other services. For more information on our warehousing and storage solutions, Click here to fill out a form to allow us to gain a better understanding of your needs.

Do You Have Bulk Stack Storage Space And Or Temperature Controlled Storage?

All of our warehouses are fully racked so any goods that we store must be palletised. Your goods can either arrive on pallets, or if coming in by container, we’ll unload and palletise it for you. We’re able to offer over 75,000ft of ambient storage facilities so you can rest assured that you’re goods will stay protected from the weather. We can also provide up to, but NOT EXCEEDING 72 hours for Pharmaceutical goods.

Is Your Warehouse Secure?

Our warehouse storage facilities have full CCTV coverage, as well as extensive fire and safety alarm systems, to ensure the safeguarding of our customers invaluable stock.

Logistic Solutions

What Do We Carry?

We specialise in variation. The best way to check what we carry on our vehicles is by calling us on: 01384 221 642, or email us on: info@jjxlogistics.co.uk. Furthermore if the enquiry is rather specific you can contact us via the Contact Us section and fill in a more specific enquiry.

Relative to ADR / Hazardous Chemicals. We DO NOT carry Class 1 which is the explosive materials, & also Class 7 which is Radioactive.

You can find some of our Services, Here

What Transport & Distribution Solutions Can You Offer?

We offer transport in all sizes, to cater to your needs. The services include Pharma, temperature controlled, and ADR / Hazardous Chemicals. As well as Delivering to home, time-critical courier services and events and exhibitions.

Not only do we provide logistic solutions in the UK, but we also offer European-wide distribution solutions, with transport management systems, including track and trace.  So whether you are considering the transportation of goods in FranceSpainGermanyItalyIreland or any other European country, you can count on our many location hubs in the Midlands, Heathrow, Paris and Ireland to ensure all the deliveries we handle for you arrive on time.

On top of this, we offer Pick and pack, custom bonded warehousing, e-commerce fulfilment and value-added services.

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What Are Our Operating Hours?

We open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so we’ll always be here when you need us.

Quality Of Vehicles?

We take great pride in our fleet. A remark that is heard a lot is, ”Those vehicles are beautiful”. The vehicles are always immaculate. The vehicles sport graphical liveries that always catch the public’s imagination. JJX Logistics pride themselves on clean exteriors, uncluttered cabs, respectfully presented and well mannered drivers.

Our Office & Team

What Are Your Office Hours?

Our office hours are generally 6am till 8pm. Though staff may stay longer to sort out questions, queries complaints.

Who Do I Contact About Backloads?

With regards to backloads please contact us here.

With our own fleet, we can carry any size consignment, and we’re ready to help, whenever you need us.

Can The Customer Leave Feedback Good Or Bad?

Of course! We love to hear from our customers. All we ask is that, when leaving feedback please explain why you have left, what you have left, whether the feedback is good or bad.

You can find the Customer Feedback Form Here.

What is The Quality Of Life Like At JJX?

The quality of life at JJX Logistics is what you make of it. John (Company owner) is a liked person within the company. He is easy to get on with and compassionate. John comes round and likes to know people are both well in work and out of work.

Everybody in the office and warehouse get on very well. There is enough banter to keep any Monday morning evils at bay. Everybody is treated fair and professional.

You can Meet the team, Here.

Why Do JJX Support so many charities?

Alzheimer’s in particular is a charity of choice because it is a charity that is close to (The Owner ) John’s heart. Dudley Mind has also been chosen as everyone has mental health and can suffer with mental health issues and John respects this. The Life or Knife and Lives not Knives campaigns are ones we support due to the serverity and rise in issues it causes, getting closer and closer to home. We want to help where we can and be a part in fighting against knife crime. There are more than just these listed above. we support them all because we believe in giving back to JJX employees and the surrounding community helping to make it a better place.