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Here at JJX we are heavily involved in an abundance of sectors including pharmaceutical, automotive, and aviation. Our European business is mainly dedicated express vans to the EU delivering time critically. With very demanding supply chains and the UK Government leaving the Brexit deal until the last minute of 2020, we were encountering a challenge like none before. Despite all our hard work and preparation leading up to the transition, the unprecedented nature of the event meant we were dealing with the unknown.

Brexit inflicted teething problems upon JJX, including training all personnel involved in the transition and understanding the new legislation. Behind the scenes, JJX constructed an export department to specialize in comprehending the new customs process. Likewise, having gained a multitude of new customers, both EU and UK, during this time, the pressure was on.

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JJX are heavily involved in the automotive and aviation industry, both of which took a great hit due to Brexit and the pandemic strain. Such industries faced catastrophic supply chain issues placing cause for concern on product lines and mass shortages. We have already experienced major implications due to Brexit with stockpiling, stretching our warehousing to maximum capacity.

This was a big challenge, alongside that of the French government flexing their muscles, demanding anyone entering to have a COVID test; causing extreme delays exiting the UK and leaving thousands stranded over Christmas. JJX and the transport industry, in general, have experienced a multitude of delays at all the ports, especially with rigorous customs clearance procedures causing a real headache



Many British businesses are swiftly discovering that they must pay duties on exports bound for the European Union. At the heart of the agreement, which came into force on the January 1st is the so called “rule of origin” condition applied to all goods crossing the border. The rules of origin, a vital aspect of all major trade deals, can rapidly turn into a costly headache for businesses. Under the Brexit provision, any product or item will be subject to a custom levy if it arrives in Britain from abroad and is then exported back into the European Union.

Here at JJX we prepared ourselves as much as we could, investing in our own Export and Import customs department. Sarah Pitman, of whom has a wealth of knowledge in this industry, leads the European department and is supported by Ben Brown our business administrator. Collectively they have dealt with over 900 declarations in Q1 gaining valuable experience. It is a common misconception for customers to assume racketeering with prices due to the additional costs that come with the extra customs documentation.

For more information on our European shipments please contact Sarah or Ben who are well equipped and adaptable to all requests.

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