ADR/Hazardous Transport

Why we’re leading the race with Hazardous Transport in the UK and European markets

With convenient locations in the West Midlands, Heathrow, Paris and Ireland; Let JJX Logistics be your ADR transport first choice.

Firstly what is ADR Transport?

This acronym stands for Accord Dangereux Routier which is the European regulations concerning the international carriage of dangerous goods by road. Or ADR Transport. (We carry classes 1 to 9 including radioactive and explosives)

Why choose JJX Logistics

So what about all the other HazChem and ADR transport companies? Well, when it comes to chemicals and other hazardous or dangerous goods, you want to know your products are in the hands of experts. Knowing this, is why we are part of the Transported Asset Protection Association, (TAPA). Moreover having TAPA as a certification further shows, we always have your client in mind. Especially when it comes to the deadlines that you endeavour to deliver to. We pride ourselves on our highly trained drivers who always carry Personal Protective Equipment on board their vehicles. If you’d like to know what that is, this will give you a starting point to look at what is needed for HazChem transport companies. Click here for more info.

The next logical step was furthering our security by obtaining Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) Certification. AEO status is an internationally recognised quality mark indicating that your role in the international supply chain is secure, and that your customs controls and procedures are efficient and compliant. Click here for more information.

Whether you want;

  • ADR Shipping (Marine)
  • ADR Transport (Road)

As you see, we have got it all covered. To get a carriage of dangerous goods quote fast Contact us now.

So whether its ADR critical shipping services or high value cargo you’re after. Or classes 1 to 7 for carriage of dangerous goods by road. We have your solution.


JJX has been working with the world’s leading chemical companies for 18 years. We’re proud to maintain 100% compliance throughout the UK and Europe. Our 24/7 same day and next day pallet and parcel delivery service are second to none. Being part of the Hazchem network, strengthens our delivery service giving our customers more options and helping to reduce costs on different service levels. All our drivers are fully ADR Certified whilst trained in all aspects of health and safety including spillage scenarios. All our vehicles have full PPE on board. The full details of this can be found here on the UNECE website. (If you are checking this out. Its chapter 8.1. On page 563).

Supporting Team

This is backed up by fantastic customer service team – the saying goes:  “the customer wants answers, not excuses”. With real delivery time, our track and trace gives the customer visibility and instant proof of delivery. We work to a very high standard to ensure that our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 is always maintained.

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