The Chartered body for Logistics Professionals

What is CILT?

Dating back to 1919, the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in the UK is the membership organisation for professionals involved in the movement of goods and people, and their associated supply chains. As of 2023, CILT has over 33,000 members across 76 representations in 34 different countries around the world and aim to bring together the five distinct communities of Logistics & Freight Movement, People Mobility, Planning in Transport, Operations & Supply Chain Management and Sustainability & the Global Community to provide specialist activities and multi-sector engagements through their associated forums.


We are very proud to be invited members of such a highly regarded establishment in the industry with our Founder and Managing Director John Donovan honoured as a Chartered Member (CMILT) of the Institute we have had an association with going back to 2014.

CILT's Purpose

The purpose of CILT is to promote, encourage and co-ordinate the study, planning and advancement of the science and art of transport, logistics and supply chain operations in all their branches, to extend, increase and disseminate knowledge and exchange ideas and information and to assist and further in all practicable ways the development and improvement of transport, logistics and supply chain operations in the higher interests of society.


Their mission is to drive innovation, excellence and value-creation for individuals and organisations by:

promoting the value of professionalism, innovation, learning and the sharing of knowledge and best practice;

providing class-leading learning solutions, networking, thought leadership, qualifications and accreditation services;

encouraging and supporting the professional development of all our members.

Vikram Singla FCILT

A Message from CILT's Chair of the Board

I am honoured to be appointed as Chair, CILT(UK). I am committed to building on Alan Jones’ legacy to create an Institute that is inclusive, relevant and forward-looking.


I look forward to working with the Board, President Leon Daniels, membership stakeholder groups the MRG and NRFCC, Vice Presidents and of course the staff of CILT(UK) to ensure the creation and development of an Institute we are all proud to be a part of.

Vikram Singla FCILT, speaking on his appointment as Chair back in June 2023.

The Royal Approval

HRH Princess Anne has always been a strong ambassador for the logistics industry and is heavily involved in CILT as an official patron of the organisation.


In recent years, Princess Anne has been the guest speaker at several national events and regularly visits sites across the UK including to the £11 million first purpose-built on-site college at Stansted Airport, Volvo Trucks UK's headquarters in Warwick for the launch of the Women in Logistics Conference last October and the DP World Hub in Southampton to congratulate the staff at what has become the UK’s most productive container terminal.

Knowledge Centre

As one of the largest sources of logistics, transport and supply chain information in the world, CILT's Knowledge Centre really is second to none for their services. With access to information ranging far and wide across the entire logistics industry from detailed market reports to university research journals on the future of green transport, our membership with CILT brings with it an unparalleled opportunity for gathering knowledge including access to:

A physical and online Library Catalogue with access to over 55,000 individually catalogued items

The Business Intelligence System with access to around 7,000 journals around the globe

The World Newspapers Today's extensive database of newspapers and magazines from 150 different countries

Knowledge Transfer

With over 30,000 CILT members worldwide, affiliation with such an esteemed and highly regarded institute rewards you with an excellent opportunity for transferring knowledge amongst companies and logistics professionals up and down the country.


The organisation have 13 regional branches across the UK, event organising monthly events as well as larger annual nationwide conferences such as their Transport & Logistics Safety Forum, Rail Study Forum, Annual Awards for Excellence and the Logistics Research Network conference being held at the Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh this year.

CILT Events Image

The John Williams Library

Based at CILT’s Corby Head Office, the John Williams Library was officially opened by Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal, in July 1998. The original collection consisted solely of logistics and supply chain related subject material provided by the Institute of Logistics for its members. The Institute of Logistics then merged with the London-based Chartered Institute of Transport in 1999 and the two separate collections were combined in 2001 and housed in the John Williams Library.


The collection has grown over the ensuing years with the support of its members and is now recognised as a leading sector-specific source of information that holds over 11,000 books of specialist publications, trade and academic journals, research papers, conference proceedings, market intelligence, industry reports and other paper material covering all aspects of logistics, transport and the supply chain.

Generation Logistics

What is Generation Logistics?

Generation Logistics is a pioneering industry-led and government-backed campaign, delivered by CILT (UK) and Logistics UK. It is rallying cry to bring all corners of the industry together to shift perceptions and nurture the next generation of talent. The participants and sponsors of this campaign will define the future of logistics, and keep us all moving.


With over 30 of the UK's leading logistics companies sponsoring the initiative including DFDS, Maersk and DHL, Generation Logistics has received major support from the government with funding and support from the Department for Transport and the National Highways.


Despite employing over 2.6 million people within the logistics sector, over 90% of people have never considered this career path and this is where CILT and Generation Logistics come in.

CILT Generation Logistics Logo

Competency Framework

With the support of CILT's Learning Centre Manager Elizabeth Stribley and Learning Development Officer Jo Hutchby, JJX are proud to have shown their intent for the future of the industry implementing our own competency framework offering a clear career pathway and development structure to match the aspirations of our young team.


Henry Ford was famous for saying "Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young." and I couldn't agree with more him. I have always been of the belief that every day is a school day and feel a personal responsibility to do my part in developing the future of the logistics industry.


Our commitment to our employee's is perhaps my proudest achievement and never stop encouraging our team to better themselves both personally and professionally. With various members studying everything from entry level short courses in the logistics industry to a Level 6 Advanced Diploma in Operations Management, we are constantly developing our company skillset and knowledge.

John Donovan, Managing Director of JJX Logistics

Our Graduates

As well as a nurturing culture for training and professional development within the company, we are also very happy offering a foot into the industry for many young people and this is helped by our strong collaboration with both Halesowen College and Dudley College. We have had three of our team complete their 18-month Level 3 Business Administration apprenticeship over the past year with all three retained within the company and further shaping their career in both the transport department and customs sector.

CILT Story 1

Ben, 23

CILT Story 2

Liam, 22

CILT Story 3

Matt, 20

Vision 2035

Aim of the Study

Back in 2011, a research team of CILT professionals published a series of studies exploring the impact different forces including political, environmental, technological, social and demographic would have in shaping the next 25 years of the logistics industry. The key output of the work is a set of findings and recommendations, addressed to decision makers and their advisors nationwide that will help steer our vision towards a future that is better not just for transport and logistics but also for society too.


Vision 2035 did not claim to be the last word on the subject; neither should it be taken as established CILT doctrine. The Institute regards it as a starting point for continuing work on likely future changes and the development of more detailed ideas on how best to meet the likely demands on logistics and the transport system.


To understand the scale of change that could take place between 2010 and 2035, just look back at what has changed over the previous 25 years. In those days there was no internet, we were road building completing the M25, almost nobody had a mobile phone and environmental concerns were not widespread. Transport facilities such as journey planning and ticketing were nowhere near as sophisticated as they are today. What will the next 25 years hold, and what challenges and pressures will emerge to shape the way transport systems evolve? CILT has identified drivers of change and other factors that will need to be taken into account:

CILT Sir Peter Hendy CBE FCILT

CILT's Vision 2035 Mission

The importance of efficient and economic transport operations in the way we live and for our industry in the future cannot be over-estimated. Effective transport will form a fundamental ingredient in our needs, welfare and prosperity, as our population grows and our economy develops. Vision 2035 has used the professional expertise of CILT’s membership of transport professionals to identify some of the options, challenges and prospects we face in planning our transport solutions for the future.

Sir Peter Hendy CBE FCILT, former CILT International President speaking on the project upon its launch in 2011.

JJX Logistics

Our Impact on the Industry

Playing our part in reshaping a stronger industry, we work in partnership with prominant UK governing bodies and not-for-profit organisations on projects that benefit all areas across the modern supply chain. From enhancing road safety awareness to streamlining forums for customs bonded warehousing, JJX are helping to drive impactful projects in crucial areas. We work alongside key personnel at the Chartered Institute to constantly develop our own Corporate Sustainability goals with a clear dedication to building environmentally sustainable operations shared by both of us. This is line with CILT's Route to Zero guidance. You can find some of our work below:

Selected to participate in the Department for Transport's Project PING safety initiative 

Collaborated with the National Highways on the the roll out of their Know the Zones campaign 

Undertook data mapping analysis for bottleneck investigations by the Road Transport Network

Engage with the BWA and HMRC on legislation changes including customs streamlining, the WOWGR review and the Alcohol Duty Reform.

The JJX Way

Our core values are built on a foundation of excellence, reliability, and customer-centricity. With our strong partnership with the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, we continue to deliver outstanding logistics and transport services across the UK and Europe. Whether you require domestic or international solutions, we have the expertise and capabilities to meet your requirements with precision and efficiency.


Choose JJX Logistics for all your logistics and transport needs and experience the difference that comes with a company that is backed by a world-renowned institute and dedicated to excellence in every aspect of its operations.

We're ready to go!

JJX Logistics has been offering contract haulage services for 15 years and we have built a considerable reputation on delivering high quality contract haulage services to companies throughout the UK and Europe.