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Speedy AOG Logistics

In AOG situations, time is of the essence. That's why at JJX Logistics, we recognize the criticality of delivering parts promptly and efficiently. A grounded aircraft not only causes a huge inconvenience to passengers and freight carriers, it can also be a big financial burden on airlines with the average situation costing between £10-20,000 per hour. Our ultra-flexible, round the clock Aircraft On Ground (AOG) service utilises a combination of time-critical solutions to keep downtime to a minimum.

Our team is highly trained and experienced in handling time-sensitive shipments with precision and care. With our same-day time-critical logistics services, we guarantee rapid collection from anywhere in the UK within an hour, ensuring that your critical parts are on their way without delay.

We also have a state-of-the-art 175,000 sq ft warehouse facility ready to store critical parts in case of emergencies or maintenance requirements. Our strategic location in the West Midlands allows us to quickly reach any location in the UK, facilitating faster deliveries and reducing downtime. In addition to this we also move urgent ship, computer, automotive and medical spares to all UK and European destinations.

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What is Aircraft on Ground (AOG) Logistics?

Aircraft on Ground refers to a situation where an aircraft is grounded due to unexpected maintenance issues or an urgent need for critical parts. When an aircraft is AOG, every minute counts as the costs of having a grounded aircraft can be astronomical. Downtime in the aerospace industry can result in substantial financial losses, disrupted flight schedules, and damage to an airline's reputation. This is why it is so is crucial to have a trusted logistics partner who understands the urgency of the situation and can swiftly deliver the necessary parts to get the aircraft back in the air.

Expertise in the Aerospace Industry

With a rich history dating back to 1997, JJX Logistics has established itself as a leader in the aerospace logistics sector. One of our first major clients was in the aerospace industry and ever since, we have been nurturing and expanding our expertise in this field.


Our team is well-versed in operating international consignments, regularly delivering to various destinations across Europe and this year we introduced daily routes to France, Holland, and Germany. Our teams of Customs experts combined with our Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status further demonstrate our commitment to efficient cross-border operations.

True Impact of AOG

A grounded aircraft is a serious matter with significant far-reaching impacts including financial, operational, safety and reputational implications for both the affected airline and the aviation industry as a whole. Swift and effective AOG logistics solutions are essential to minimize these impacts and get grounded aircraft back in service as quickly and safely as possible. Some of the biggest impacts of a grounded aircraft include:

Financial Losses: Grounded aircraft represent a substantial financial burden for airlines. They are unable to generate revenue through ticket sales and may incur additional costs for maintenance, replacement parts, and storage. Airlines can lose millions of dollars for each day an aircraft remains grounded.

Disrupted Flight Schedules: Grounded aircraft disrupt flight schedules, leading to delays and cancellations. Passengers may be inconvenienced and require rebooking on alternative flights, which can strain airline resources and lead to dissatisfied customers.

Loss of Revenue: In addition to ticket sales, airlines generate significant revenue from services such as in-flight dining, duty-free shopping, and premium seating. A grounded aircraft means fewer opportunities to earn revenue from these sources.

Operational Inefficiencies: Grounded aircraft can cause operational inefficiencies, as airlines may need to rearrange crew schedules and aircraft assignments. This can lead to overworked staff and increased operational costs.

Safety Concerns: Aircraft are grounded for safety reasons, and the potential risks associated with flying an unsafe aircraft are immense. Safety is the top priority in aviation, and grounding an aircraft is a necessary step to ensure passenger and crew safety.

Impact on Supply Chains: Grounded cargo planes can disrupt supply chains, particularly for time-sensitive cargo. This can affect industries reliant on just-in-time inventory systems, such as manufacturing and pharmaceuticals.

Reputation Damage: Airlines' reputations can be tarnished when they have grounded aircraft, especially if the grounding is due to maintenance issues or safety concerns. Passengers may lose confidence in the airline, impacting future bookings.

Aircraft Maintenance Costs: The costs associated with repairing and maintaining grounded aircraft can be substantial. Airlines must invest in parts, labor, and technical expertise to address the issues that led to the grounding.

Regulatory Scrutiny: When an aircraft is grounded, regulatory authorities such as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the United States or the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) often conduct thorough inspections and investigations. Airlines may face increased regulatory scrutiny and possible fines.

Insurance Costs: Grounded aircraft can lead to increased insurance premiums for airlines, as insurers may perceive higher risks associated with an airline that frequently has aircraft grounded for maintenance or safety issues.

Competitive Disadvantage: Airlines with a history of grounded aircraft may be at a competitive disadvantage in the industry. Passengers and cargo shippers may opt for more reliable carriers, impacting market share and profitability.

Proud Members of the MAA

We are very to be proud to be members of the esteemed Midlands Aerospace Alliance (MAA), a prominent aerospace cluster organization in the Midlands region. Our association with MAA highlights our dedication to the aerospace industry and our continuous efforts to enhance our capabilities to better serve our clients.

Formed in 2003, the MAA was first formed to support and represent the aerospace industry across the Midlands region and now welcomes over 300 members. They have more member organisations than any regional aerospace alliance in the world with the exception of two located in France: Aerospace Valley (which runs from Toulouse to Bordeaux) and Aerospace Cluster Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (around Lyon), both regions we work alongside.

AOG - Midlands Aerospace Alliance

Unparalleled Transport Security

We recognize the significance of supply chain security and take comprehensive measures to safeguard your cargo from start to finish. This is why we are delighted to say we are now in our 10th year as members of the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA), the leading industry association for supply chain resilience & security professionals, as well as being recognised as an Authorised Economic Operator.

Perhaps our proudest achievement at JJX is being able to say we are one of only nine companies in the entire UK who hold the prestigious TAPA TSR-1 certificate—the highest standard for transport security. This accolade speaks volumes about our commitment to ensuring the security and integrity of your valuable and dangerous cargo during transit.

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