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Living & Working in the Logistics sector by Ali Karim

19 September 2019 by Edward Martin

Living & working in the Logistics sector

With it being the Road Haulage Association’s National Lorry Week 2019, Ali Karim, Technical Manager at JJX, shares his thoughts about living & working in the Logistics sector.

The logistics sector provides challenges every day, and the opportunity to problem-solve and help others. During the day it is tough, hard work physically and mentally; but when the dust settles, you get a sense of satisfaction because you made a difference, and you helped others.

Transport and Warehousing is an industry that is invisible to many within society because few understand how goods are moved, business-to-business from raw material, production, quality control, warehouse to end-user or retailer. With the advent of the online world, deliveries are frequently being directed at our homes which is changing the sector in-concert with technological innovation. The logistics industry becomes visible when things go wrong, or predicted to take an adverse turn, such as the revelations from the recent ‘Brexit / Yellowhammer’ affair – where supply-chain disruption is predicted; and then all eyes turn as the hunt goes by.

At dinner parties, when asked, “What do you do?” I reply “I love Trucking”, which usually raises a smile, especially if it’s a noisy party.

I know many consider the Transport industry a tad old-hat when we see the newspapers, and social media talk of the dynamism [and innovation] of Silicon-Valley online companies, and the advent of teenage millionaires. What the media commentators fail to understand is that, for many in society, the logistics industry provides significant opportunities for the next generation, especially those who have not been born of wealth and privilege. It can provide a livelihood including a solid career with vocational qualifications for those displaying a strong work-ethic, and those who enjoy a challenge and diversity in colleagues and workloads.

I enjoy working for John Donovan and his team in a technical capacity at It is energising working with a humble entrepreneur, who well over two decades ago in the midlands, started trucking with one vehicle, and now has expanded his business into Europe. While his business has grown with increased geographical reach, he continues to provide jobs and opportunity for others.

“Trucking” is more than just a job. For some of us, it is a way of life, with several career paths available to those who enjoy testing themselves, and never fear hard work.

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Ali Karim has over 30 years’ experience of dealing with chemicals and gas in a production as well as in a sea and road transport environment at a senior management level in the UK and overseas with Interoute Transport Services, Gas and Equipment Ltd, Linde Gas UK Ltd, United Transport, Inspectorate International [Saudi Arabia] and Transport Development Group [TDG].

He was the co-founder and Managing Director of Hazchem Network Ltd [2004-2018] and currently works in a technical capacity for JJX Logistics and Keedwell Scotland. 

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