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The auction for the Wolves inspired DAF Truck is LIVE!

18 September 2020 by Edward Martin

The auction for the Wolves inspired Sir Jack DAF tractor unit is now live!

Win a Truck

Every penny over the reserve of £15,600 will go to Breast Cancer Now through Legacy4Lucy.

Legacy4Lucy is so incredibly close to surpassing the QUARTER OF A MILLION fundraising mark. We hope that this auction will help them to smash through the £250,000 barrier.

Cancer has not gone away. Even through the COVID-19 pandemic people are suffering from cancer and having to have their treatments, risking their health further by going into the hospitals.

Over 55,000 women a year fight breast cancer in the UK and the Breast Cancer Now charity fund breast cancer research and care to provide support for today & hope for the future.

Help us help them. Spread the message about the auction to all your Wolverhampton Wanderers fans and lorry drivers. The auction is live, please tell as many people as you can!

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