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Wolves All Stars vs JJX Logistics Veterans

18 September 2019 by Dayna Rudge

As you know, we are pretty big wolves fans. Therefore, in aid of Breast Cancer Now - Legacy4Lucy we have decided to hold a charity match against the Wolves All-Stars! Make sure you get the date in your diaries. Sunday 3rd November, kick-off 2pm at Wednesfield Town FC.

Businesses, if you would like to support us by offering a raffle or auction prize that would be fantastic. We are also looking for companies to take up some advertising space in the match programme.

Words from Legacy4Lucy

Why We Do It!

Lucy was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of Breast Cancer in 2013 aged just 31 - Triple Negative, a form of the illness which is particularly difficult to treat and more common in younger women.

Despite receiving fantastic treatment, Lucy died in 2015 aged just 33 ... but will not die in vain. To date, with YOUR help Legacy4Lucy has raised over £220,000 for Breast Cancer Now, a charity which in the words of the top UK Oncologist is;

'pioneering as it seeks to research a cure for the illness in which 55,000 women are diagnosed each year killing 11,000'.

Next year we will breakthrough A QUARTER OF A MILLION!!!

Wolves Legends confirmed:

Nick Griffiths
Gordon Simms
Brett Hayward
Tony Dinning
Josh Skidmore
Colin Taylor
Paul Jones
Karl Henry
Mark Duncombe
Dennis Pearce
Seyi Olofinjana
Adam Proudlock
Matt Forman
Stephen Hunt
Simon Osborn
Micky Holmes
Michael Kightly
Jason Guy
Mel Eves

To donate please follow this link to the just giving page.

The event is sponsored by JJX Logistics, Staff Today and Direct Letterbox Marketing.

If you have any questions please email

Wolves Allstars vs JJX Logistics

Mental Health Awareness Week which runs from 15th to 21st May will this year focus on the rising issue of anxiety. Organised by the Mental Health Foundation, this week we explore anxiety which can lead to more serious mental problems if left and get out of control.

It’s not surprising that the levels of anxiety are at an all-time high as stress surrounding financial issues continues to grow due to the cost-of-living crisis. The Mental Health Foundation state in a recent mental health survey that they carried out around stress, anxiety and hopelessness over personal finances, a quarter of adults said they felt so anxious that it stopped them from doing the things they want to do some or all of the time. Six in ten adults feel this way, at least some of the time. On a positive note, anxiety can be made easier to manage.

At JJX Logistics we are passionate about supporting mental health and have an active programme for supporting our team. This Mental Health Awareness Week we have 10 top tips for helping to manage anxiety and stress:

  1. Avoid doomscrolling - Binging on negative news or excessively scrolling on social media can have negative consequences. Try to focus on facts rather than speculation.
  2. Be physically active - Try to give your mind a rest, shifting the focus to your body instead. Physical activity creates mood-boosting chemical changes in the brain.
  3. Be mindful - When thoughts feel like they’re spiralling, mindfulness activities may stop your mind from racing. Meditation and other mindful practices can help you feel present in the moment.
  4. Try breathing exercises - Breathing is closely linked to the nervous system. Deep controlled breathing with extended exhalation can cause a fall in heart rate and blood pressure.
  5. Take time to unwind - It’s essential to still engage in activities you enjoy. Creative outlets, such as hobbies, crafts, writing or home improvement, can be good distractions.
  6. Maintain sleep habits - Although it may be hard to sleep anxious, try to maintain your usual sleeping pattern. Being well rested is vital for emotional balance.
  7. Eat healthy, balance meals - Healthy eating is essential for your overall physical and mental health, improving your ability to navigate stress during troubling times.
  8. Connect with others - Good relationships foster a sense of belonging and provide an outlet to share experiences. Sharing worries with others can improve your situation and feelings.
  9. Be transparent - Talk to your manager if your stress or anxiety stems from work-related situations. There may be ways that they can help to lessen the burden.
  10. Reach out for help - Feeling anxious or stressed is natural, but don’t suffer alone. Talk to your doctor or checking with your employer for mental health or well-being resources.

Here at JJX we are proud to partner with Black Country Mental Health who help over 5,000 people of all ages every year in the region with services including their support line, mental health first aid courses, walking group, bereavement support, Wellbeing Warriors initiative and much more.

For more information visit

Mental Health Awareness Week

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