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Wolverhampton Speedway

13 September 2017 by Dayna Rudge

Here at JJX Logistics we try to help all where possible. We support Alzheimer's with our charity that we promote where possible.

But here we have the Wolverhampton Speedway!


As Chris Van Straaten explains:

"There is a high octane atmosphere on a night at Wolverhampton Speedway Four riders race and compete four laps in around a minute -without any brakes !! It is an adrenaline charged night out for people of all ages with the riders risking life and limb to win points and entertain. One of the advantages of Speedway compared to other motor sports is that you can see all of the action all of the time. Nothing can replace the excitement of the gladiators of shale who are all looking to be the best ,either to help their team or score points for themselves. Fans are friendly and there are clear announcements explaining the scoring system. The riders are approachable -one minute they are blasting around a track at up to 70 mph around a track of 264 metres (288 yards),the next minute they will chat to fans and pose for selfies.

Speedway -The original extreme sport-is all about grabbing a piece of the action.
Wolverhampton Speedway- Elite League Champions in 2016-are proud to be supported by JJX Logistics and thank principal John Donovan for his continued support."
For interest Wolverhampton Speedway has won over major trophies all in. Not counting the runners up medals/trophies. Included with some of these are British Champion Tai Woffinden, and Elite Rider Champion, Freddie Lindgren. British under 19 Champion Max Clegg.

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