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Why Use A Moffett Truck?

09 January 2023 by Edward Martin

Our Moffett forklift service will save you time and money. We can deliver to customers with no offload facilities, deliver anywhere within a site and removes the need for the manual handling of loads. Best of it all it can free up valuable time as our driver will do the loading for you.

At JJX it is our business to make your business easier. Our Moffett truck mounted forklifts are special forklifts that offer the most flexible, portable delivery systems on the market. The Moffett forklift adds value to our transport haulage service as it means we can cater for all of your offloading needs: offering an inclusive offloading service for customers who do not have access to a forklift and delivery to difficult, problematic sites.

Our mounted forklifts have lift capacities of up to 2000kg (2 tonne) and off-road capabilities. The benefit is that they work independently to the lorry, which enables us to work faster and move your goods exactly where you need them.

Benefits of using Truck Mounted Forklifts

  • Offers lifting capacity of 2000kg
  • Deliver to customers with no offload facilities
  • We supply the forklift and driver, ready to offload
  • Offload anywhere on a site
  • No manual handling of loads
  • Improve site safety
  • Save customers on hire & labour costs


More info about Moffett Trucks


The compact and agile Moffett is built to handle industrial and commercial jobs with ease. Don’t be fooled by the small size, it has tremendous power and performance and can deliver loads safely and precisely on both paved and firm, off-road surfaces. This versatile truck mounted forklift will negotiate tight areas even with the heaviest loads.



Muddy ditches, narrow trails, marshy ground; there’s pretty much nothing our Moffett can’t cruise through. They perform like battle tanks.


History of the Moffett


In just a few short decades, MOFFETT has changed the way to deliver goods and set the pace for a sustainable future.


1945- Founded by Cecil Moffett, the company first produced special agricultural equipment for the local industry.


1986- Cecil Moffett created a small revolution in the transport industry with the invention of the truck mounted forklift.


1990- Success quickly followed with the introduction of the ‘Moffett Mounty’ in the USA and Europe


2013- Launch of eSeries- ProFuture, the world’s first Lithium-ion powered truck mounted forklifts

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