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UTA increase security on fuel cards

12 September 2017 by Dayna Rudge

UTA Security Increased

UTA Have recently announced that they have made security changes to their fuel cards. With the ability to now manage limits of usage of the card online. These will include things such as: transactions per day, which countries can be used in value of transactions to name a few of the new implementations. Customers using the portal will be able to essentially implement parameters to suit requirements of their needs. This will be especially useful when companies are dealing in the intercontinental logistical services.The services added by UTA are set to be somewhat similar to those by online banking. Doing this has been met with positive response from customer feedback. Customers are said to be happy with the available options and the customisation available to them. Other security features are features such as:

- Pin code query.

- Controls on transaction.

- Alert system for suspicious activity.

- Features in place to block the card in any fraud suspicions.

- email alerts to limit when reached. These features are obviously designed to make the whole user experience more engaging and more secure. With optimisation features to suit the customers.  UTA are among the leading issuers of fuel and service cards for commercial goods transport. With 54,000 points of acceptance across 40 European countries this will be good news to all.

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