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Top tips on driving in the wet and windy (great British) weather.

10 August 2020 by Edward Martin

Tips on driving in the rain

As you all know we are due some thunderstorms, heavy rain and there’s a potential of flash floods in places. With this in mind, we need to be aware of travelling in this weather. Here are some top tips on driving in the wet and windy (great British) weather.

  1. Check the weather and news before travelling.
  2. Keep both hands on the wheel to give you more control.
  3. Give a little more room to cyclists and motorbikes.
  4. Keep a steady, slightly slower, speed.
  5. Be aware of surface water as it can cause you hydroplane and lose control of the vehicle.
  6. Test your brakes when you come out of standing water.
  7. Are you comfortable? If not, do not harsh break. Pullover and find the nearest services stop or parking area.
  8. Be aware that high winds can affect the handling of vehicles.
  9. Avoid driving through deep water.
  10. Put your dipped headlights on in heavy rain, as this will make you more visible to other drivers.

Did you know that driving in the wet can double your stopping distance! You should maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front at all times.

If you do break down in torrential rain you still need to exit the vehicle, especially if you’re on the motorway. Do not open the bonnet until help arrives, this will prevent the rain from getting to the electrical system.

Also, a little side note, be considerate to others. Do not purposefully spray other road users and pedestrians. If you can’t avoid a puddle just slow down.

The list is endless, we could sit here all day giving you advice on driving in wet and windy weather. However, it really is all about common sense too. If you do not feel comfortable driving in such conditions, don’t.

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