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The Day After Brexit by Bloomberg

01 October 2019 by Dayna Rudge

The day after Brexit - Bloomberg

Read this great piece of journalism by Bloomberg's Joe Mayes and Alex Morales on what the day after Brexit might look like.

Featuring our very own Roger Moore, JJX Driver.

A dark blue Mercedes van hurtles down the motorway toward the white cliffs of Dover. The 007 theme blares from a Samsung Galaxy S7. Roger Moore—the 65-year-old driver for courier company JJX Logistics, not the deceased actor known for his license to kill—answers. On the line is his boss, John, calling from the head office in Dudley. “How’s it going, Rog?”

“All good, John, no trouble at all. Traffic’s completely clear.” The roads are quieter than usual, and he’s making good time. In the back of the van are wooden crates packed with Airbus plane parts that need to be in Paris by early tomorrow. After he’s crossed the channel, Moore will become one of the first Britons in four decades to enter the Continent as a non-EU citizen...

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