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New JJX Trailer – ThankYouNHS

08 April 2020 by Dayna Rudge

Our trailer for the NHS

Here it is, our newly sign written trailer in appreciation of the NHS. #ThankYouNHS

At this moment in time, things are tough. Especially for the NHS and all the key workers out there risking their health every day to help others. We regularly thank our staff as they are doing a great job in keeping supply chains working. However, we wanted to do something to show our appreciation of the NHS and all the hard work they have done, are doing and will do over the coming months.

A big thank you to Baker Ward signwriters who made our design come to life and fitted the graphics on the truck.

We believe it's important to so our respect and support for our fellow key workers. It's not just about JJX and the drivers out there, it's about us all working together for the sake of the country. If we can help bring a smile to peoples faces through a bit of support then, why not. We could all use some positivity right now!

Hands up if you agree that the NHS is amazing because we certainly believe that!

If you see the trailer out and about making it's deliveries, try and get a picture (without breaking social distancing and government rules of course) and post it on social media using the hashtag #ThankYouNHS. Don't forget to tag us too, because we love seeing pictures of our trucks out on the road.

Finally, please do your part in all of this by staying at home and abiding by the government guidelines.

Stay safe everyone!

We're ready when you need us