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Q3 Sustainability Report shows 17% Reduction in Emissions

13 October 2023 by Edward Martin

JJX Logistics have compiled our sustainability figures for the three months between July 2023 to September 2023 and have seen improvements across the board on our 40 strong fleet.


This success, headlined by a reduction of 51,912kg of CO2 emissions, comes off the back of our revised Corporate Sustainability pledge back in July which can be found below. With a strong ethos on #DeliveringGreener here at JJX, Managing Director John Donovan said he is “incredibly proud” with the latest report.


A major factor in supporting our push to net zero is fleet management company Samsara’s state-of-the-art vehicle tracking software. Using a combination of their integrated API solutions, we receive unparalleled real time data on vehicle efficiencies, idling, anticipation and fuel usage granting full fleet visibility to our stakeholders.


Furthermore, we are able to monitor the percentage of Gren Band driving across all our vehicles and educate our drivers where possible. This is the time a vehicle spends in the optimum efficiency RPM range for each specific vehicle type as a proportion of the overall driving time.


August also saw the beginning of our electric revolution as we introduced our first all-electric vehicle to the fleet. Covering final mile deliveries across the Black Country region, we have greater intentions to convert our existing Sprinters to eSprinters over the next two years as the UK’s infrastructure and battery technology improves to facilitate this.


Key Figures:

  • CO2 emissions reduction of 51,912 kg (16.9%)
  • Green Band driving has increased 3.2%
  • Idling waste has reduced by 106.4 gallons (25.9%)
  • Average fleet MPG has increased 7.4%


You can read more on our Corporate Sustainability pledge here:


Corporate Sustainability

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