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National Apprenticeship Week

08 February 2024 by Edward Martin

In celebration of National Apprenticeship Week, we had a quick fire five with two of our team who are both products of the apprenticeship model. With strong links to both Wolverhampton City College and Dudley College who are right on our doorstep, the apprenticeship scheme has always proved a valuable asset to JJX Logistics with many of our current employees joining the industry via it.


First up we have Sam who has just joined JJX Logistics and is at the very start of her professional career. She is enrolled on an apprenticeship in Customer Services...

  1. What initially attracted you to pursue an apprenticeship?
    I was keen to start my working career and have always preferred learning things first hand rather than looking at more theoretical scenarios . I found classroom learning just wasn't the best fit for me and with an apprenticeship I can see the practical application and results of what I learn which is a great visual aid.
  2. What aspects of the industry are you most eager to learn about?
    I'm just looking forward to learning about the whole industry in general. Logistics is a lot bigger, more complex and a bigger part of our day to day lives than many people understand and I'm starting to find this out and see it in action every day.
  3. What do you hope to gain from this apprenticeship in terms of professional development?
    An apprenticeship seems the perfect solution for learning best practice from an established training course while also putting in into practice and getting a real feel for the world of work. With the apprenticeship I think I can get some real valuable experience that I can take with me in my career but while still having an important qualification to back me up and demonstrate my capability.
  4. How do you hope the apprenticeship will help you personal development?
    I am already learning to deal with responsibility and pressure in a work environment. Having a team around you and a be a part of a whole process where your job is very important to it and feel a sense of personal accomplishment when things go well. Also gaining more comfort in speaking to stranger and be confident in my own abilities.
  5. What challenges and opportunities do you anticipate encountering and how do you plan to approach them?
    The thought of having to transition from being in school to being in a full time job is obviously a big scary one but one thing that really sparked my interest with the apprenticeship was that I could slowly gain an understanding of a lot of things at a slower, more manageable pace. Everything such as punctuality, the importance of clear communication, working as a team and being reliable etc.


Next up we have Matt, a former apprentice with JJX Logistics from a few years ago and is now enrolled on the Management Development Programme through the Black Country Chamber as we takes his first steps into management as one of our most talented transport planners...

  1. How did your perception of working in the industry differ after you had started your apprenticeship?
    I started out working in the warehouse office and found it to be a lot more complex than I realised it would be. Also, the apprenticeship was a lot more hands on than I thought it was going to be. I imagined I would be in college all the time being taught stuff but I was with the company every day and was able to be a lot more involved in the business and operational side of things which I loved.
  2. What changes have you noticed with the way you work between when you were an apprentice and now?
    The big thing I have noticed is the level of responsibility I am given. It does come with added pressure but I feel I am really trusted and valued to do my job and do it well. I have proven my capability while an apprentice and now can start to look at the bigger picture with certain operations as I have a better understanding of them.
  3. What do you think is the biggest misconception about apprenticeships?
    Simple... that apprenticeships are only for people who don't do well academically.
  4. Do you think taking an apprenticeship has helped your career?
    Definitely, if I hadn't started the apprenticeship then I know I wouldn't be where I am in my career now. In just a few years I have gone from my first ever taste of a working environment to now being a transport planning manager as well as studying higher level industry specific courses to help me further develop my career.
  5. What advice would you give to someone considering embarking on an apprenticeship journey?
    The sooner you start the better. I think there is no better way for transitioning into a working environment which will feel alien and not feel like you've been thrown in to things at the deep end.


Have you got what it takes to build a career in the logistics industry?


We are currently looking to recruit apprentices and if you are interested in applying, please contact our team at

Current apprenticeship student Sam alongside former apprentice and now transport planning manager and MDP graduate Matt

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