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Logistics And Distribution. What’s The Difference?

28 November 2022 by Edward Martin

Many people can get logistics and distribution mixed up slightly. A key difference is that logistics relates to the overall planning and organisation of transport, storage and the control of goods, whereas distribution is related to the physical movement of the goods.

Logistics and distribution are critical. Both elements generally relate to the flow of goods. With logistics focusing on the planning and organisation before the goods are moved and distribution focusing on the actual movement.

Every company that produces a mass amount of product will agree that both logistics and distribution are crucial individual processes. Ensuring that stock is delivered to the right location, at the right time, whilst remaining cost-effective. However, they are two very different business functions which work together, and many people struggle to identify the differences.


Logistics refers to the management of transport and warehousing concentrating on the handling of goods before they are taken to their destination. It’s the management of this start to end process that we know as logistics.

The logistics strategy is an integral part of any supply chain and the production of goods. Ensuring that the entire process is effective in the delivery of the product to its destination.


Distribution is the process of making goods available to the end-user. The difference here is that this function refers to the physical movement of goods including the steps taken to make the products consumer-ready.

Distribution is also a critical step in the supply chain. It involves the storage, handling and the processing of goods for them to arrive with the user in a cost-effective and efficient way.

It relates to overseeing the moving the goods from its source to the destination.

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