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‘Know The Zones’ Safety Campaign Launched by National Highways

01 March 2023 by Edward Martin

HGVs have limited visibility. Don’t linger 
around them. Know the zones.

The National Highways have launched their latest road safety campaign centred around blind spots while overtaking heavy goods vehicles (HGV’s) called Know The Zones.

Responsible for operating, maintaining and improving over 4,500 miles of England’s motorways and major A-roads, safety is the number one priority for the National Highways who aim to at least halve the number of people killed or seriously injured on their roads by the end of 2025, with the ultimate long-term goal of achieving a zero-harm network.

In a recent survey commissioned by National Highways, while nearly three quarters of people said they take extra care when overtaking a HGV, 36% said they did not know how many blind spots an HGV had. 36% also admitted feeling nervous when passing trucks.

This new campaign demonstrates to drivers how to drive safely around larger vehicles and is designed to increase awareness and knowledge among road users of the limited visibility areas and vehicle limitations of HGV’s which include longer stopping distances, wider turning circles and speed restrictions.


Key Messages

All Drivers

  • Know the zones of an HGV’s limited visibility when approaching and overtaking lorries.
  • Once you have started an overtake, move safely past the HGV. Allow plenty of room and do not linger alongside the HGV. Move back to the left as soon as you can but do not cut in.
  • Make it easy for an HGV driver to see you by moving out of areas of limited visibility as soon as it’s safe to do so.
  • Never tailgate an HGV. It will prevent the HGV driver from seeing you and mean you can’t stop safely if there’s an incident.

HGV Drivers

  • Make sure your intentions are clear and visible so other drivers can see what you’re going to do. Be predictable.
  • Be prepared to cancel your manoeuvre if it would present a risk to others.
  • Assume there might be a car/van in the lane beside you. Before you manoeuvre, look and look again.

Supporting Messages

  • HGVs make up 9% of SRN traffic and are essential to keep the economy running. When they are involved in accidents this not only causes delays to other traffic but affects goods reaching their destination.
  • Of all the miles driven by lorries in England, two-thirds of lorry miles are driven on the strategic road network. What’s more, HGV movements and distances are forecast to further increase by 2030.


HGVs have limited visibility. Don’t linger around them. Know the zones.

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