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Groupage Freight Services

12 January 2023 by Edward Martin

What is groupage freight?

Groupage freight is a shipping method used when unit of goods are transported in bundles to form a consolidated transport i.e., the combination of several smaller shipments into one full container. This shipping method is suitable for single pallets. For larger pallet quantity, partial load shipment is generally the cheaper option.

The groupage process works like this: the general cargo is collected from various shippers and combined into a groupage cargo in the warehouse of the forwarding agent. After delivery, they are separated again in the corresponding warehouses.

Due to its cost- effectiveness, transport as groupage freight is a widely used procedure in logistics, because mixing the different consignments has the advantage of being particularly cost-saving.


Groupage prices

Groupage prices depend on the size and weight measurements of your delivery by road, sea or air freight. You will usually be charged by the cubic metre depending on the weight of your items.


What are the benefits of choosing a groupage service provider?

For companies who wish to send small amounts of goods at a time, groupage transport solutions offer many benefits and advantages. It offers the company a way to save on shipping costs as they share the overall freight forwarding costs with the other senders.

Groupage services also offer more straightforward options for shipping to multiple destinations. With a wider range of itineraries, there are fewer complications then with full load transport solutions or larger loads can entail.

Of course, there are conditions to this kind of freight management service, and in order to offer a flexible offering, senders must be willing to be flexible too. One of the specifics of groupage services is that shipping can take slightly longer aa the load makes multiple stops to various destinations.


When would you use groupage services?

  • When the load being shipped is not enough to fill a full truckload
  • Despatch times are more flexible and not reliant on solid deadlines
  • Goods can be loaded on to one of more pallets
  • If you aim to dispatch goods to multiple countries


Overall, a groupage service provider can offer and alternative to standard freight forwarding and pallet delivery options by grouping together with other senders. Groupage services can also positively impact your carbon footprint and provide an economic mode of pallet delivery which can lower costs and offer significant savings for your business.

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