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JJX Logistics carries unique product for European Market

20 March 2018 by Edward Martin

JJX's European scheduled network

JJX Logistics has a dedicated European scheduled network which delivers all around Europe on a daily basis.

Sievert UK, part of the Rothenberger group of companies, manufacturers it’s MAPP gas product in Wednesbury, West Midlands. This unique product gives a maximum temperature of 2400 degrees centigrade, significantly higher than standard propane/butane mix and it can also be used in temperatures as low as -20, which makes it ideal for use in the Scandinavian countries.

This is a new product launch for Rothenberger in European countries and is being launched at the International Hardware Fair Cologne 2018 March 4th-7th.

Melvyn Baumber, General Manager SIEVERT UK LTD commented:

“We needed a company that could transport our first delivery of UN 1077 ADR goods into Europe on a timed and efficient basis, this being a new class of dangerous goods for us. JJX Logistics delivered this for us along with excellent customer service”.

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