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Environmentally Friendly Logistics And Transport

28 November 2022 by Edward Martin

As a logistics firm, we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and becoming more environmentally friendly. Although this is a tough task within our industry, we would like to inform you how we ensure it happens to the best of our ability. This way, you know that by us reducing our carbon footprint you can too!

We have implemented an innovative warehouse and transport system in order to make our processes more efficient. From warehouse consolidation to the route planning of drivers.

Top Technology

HaulTech is our chosen Transport and Warehouse management system. As well as managing it from our side, it also gives you the ability to log in and check the current status of a job.

This system also allows us to work on streamlining the proof of delivery process and introducing a paperless system. Therefore, becoming more environmentally friendly. However, we are aware that some of you do require extra paperwork to be completed and process due to the types of products we handle for you.

Groupage service

Groupage is when we combine a range of goods into one efficient shipment. It’s the perfect way to transport goods without that premium price tag while also having a reduced impact on the environment. If you have daily dispatches or one-off pallet deliveries our groupage service could work for you. A flexible, cost-effective and practical option for sending freight within the UK and Ireland. By using a trailer to its full capacity, we reduce the number of journeys and vehicles out on the road and therefore reduce fuel pollution.

Efficient transport planning

Regular breaks, rapid acceleration, travelling on bad roads are all cause for poor fuel economy and can increase damage to a vehicle. Our team of transport planners work wonders on mapping and organising our fleet of vehicles to provide the most efficient routes. Strategic breaks plus the effective use of the roadways ensure improved fuel usage and reduce pollution.

Although traffic is unavoidable, and all-electric HGVs are a fair way away now, we do as much as we can to efficiently plan and reduce our impact on the environment.


All our vehicles are Euro 6 standard, meaning they comply with high emissions standards. These standards were put in place by the EU to reduce pollutants from vehicle exhausts. With all company vehicles conforming to this standard, we can ensure that the journey’s we take reduces harm on the environment.

Using efficient route planning means that less fuel can be used when carrying out our journeys and means that parcels can be delivered to customers far more cost-effectively, without delay.

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When it comes to logistics it’s tough to be environmentally friendly while keeping costs low. While we may not be the cheapest logistics firm, we can certainly guarantee a quality service. There’s no added cost because of all the above, it’s just part of the package we provide and a bonus of being good at what we do.

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