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Do You Sell Fragile Goods? Here Are Our Top Tips When Delivering Fragile Goods.

28 November 2022 by Edward Martin

As a business that transports fragile goods daily, we’ve put together a little bit of advice for you. Most fragile items can be expensive, invaluable or irreplaceable, you’ll need to take all appropriate steps to safely package your consignments. Sometimes, fragile items can also be hazardous, which then means you will have to adhere to more regulations.

If you sell fragile items, here’s what you need to think of when sending the consignment out for delivery.


Firstly, choose the correct size of box/pallet/packaging. Ensure it will fit your items in comfortably. Next, ensure the protective filling is suitable, whether it’s Styrofoam, bubble wrap, foam pellets etc. The fragile item needs to be sufficiently protected in order to travel.

If the package contains fragile items, it’s a good idea to label your box as ‘fragile’. This let’s let the handler and transporters know to deal with the consignment with care. It’s also important if the items are going to be stored in a warehouse.

Accurately weigh the consignment

Once your goods are packed and ready to be sent, weigh and measure the package to enable us to provide you with an accurate cost.

These measurements will provide our team with appropriate guidance of how to handle the parcel. For example, if the fragile consignment is classified as heavy, it will need further due attention and consideration during transportation.

Let us know your requirements

Some fragile items such as mechanical parts, may also be valuable. This is where we can assist you further. Fragile goods can also be food items or need extra requirements such as temperature-controlled transport, ice sculptures for example. We also have the capability to carry this type of product due to possessing temperature-controlled vans and trailers. These vehicles are also able to print out a report of the travelling temperature.


We are TAPA accredited, meaning that we are certified to carry high value goods in a secure and safe manner. All staff and drivers are DBS checked to ensure extra safety and peace of mind for you. This way you can ensure your goods are handled in the correct way.

If a fragile consignment requires a high level of security, you’ll want reassurance every step of the way. The logistics account manager will work with you to fully understand your requirements and needs to ensure your confidence.

How JJX can help

Our logistics and warehouse teams are fully aware of how to safely handle fragile goods (Hazardous included). They give care and attention to every individual movement.

The JJX team are on hand every step of the way. The logistics account manager and planners work together to ensure your requirements are met and we provide you the service you need.

Whether it’s temperature-controlledhazardous or just ambient general transport for fragile goods, the JJX team can help.

Please get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements.

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