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Christmas At JJX

01 December 2022 by Edward Martin

Christmas Hours

Unlike many companies, we at JJX remain open throughout the Christmas period. unfortunately we're not able to do the same deliveries, as European jobs are suspended from December 19th with a dedicated service only, same with the Irish jobs. Last trunk will be suspended after the final delivery on December 22nd and return to normal on January 3rd. We like to think that we remain loyal to our customers by staying reliable during this hectic time of year and keeping you supplied with our services.

chocolate donations


Here at JJX we love to help those who are in need, that's we donate chocolates and toys to those who are less fortunate. We also request donations from anyone that is willing to help and we make sure they're delivered safe and sound. Whether it's bars of chocolate or game systems, we will make sure they end up in the hands of those who are unable to buy their children the gifts that they dream of. We like to make dreams a reality.


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