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A very worthy winner of the silent auction for Dudley Mind

19 May 2020 by Edward Martin

very worthy winner of the silent auction for Dudley Mind.

You may or may not know that we have recently held a silent auction to win our JJX Logistics Model Truck with all the proceeds going to Dudley Mind.

How to participate

We asked followers on our social media to submit an amount to our Twitter and Facebook pages via direct message. No one but us knew the amounts coming in, and every single bid amazed us!

Who won

It’s with absolute pleasure that we announced Nick Davies as the winner with a whopping bid of £450, yes, you read that right £450. Such a generous donation to a fantastic cause.

The model truck, and an extra trailer, is now in the worthy hands of Nick who actually collects model trucks.

Nick, who now possess a large number of model trucks, started collecting when he was only 14 and is still collecting in his adult life.

“I have always been interested in transportation,” said Nick “My first job from school was a trainee fitter for Craddock Road Services in Coven”.

Nick is a supporter of various charities including the Thin Blue Line UK and now Dudley Mind. Nick also says “The ones suffering mental health issues need all the help going to support the long climb. Hard work and self-determination, it’s not easy, but there is a winner in every one of us.”

We gave Nick an extra model trailer too which he put on a Classic Scania 143H 500 tag axle.

model trucks

model trucks

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